​​To access and print an application form: From the site's main navigation bar click on "Apply" from the drop down menu that appears, select "Application Form". This will launch a printable PDF version of the form for your completion. 

If you need more space or have additional details about your request: Any applicant requiring space beyond what is provided on the form any applicant who wishes to provide additional details about their request should do so on a second piece of paper. ​*When sending in your application form be sure you have included both the form along with any additional pages of supporting detail*​​

 For specific application rating guidelines check out the GCEF application rubrics! 

Click the appropriate button below or check out the 'Apply' menu on the main navigation bar.

​​Gates Chili Central School District 
Attn: Education Foundation
3 Spartan Way
Rochester, NY 14624

Application Deadlines


2) Submit Applications for Review

October 1st - October 15th
*Decision by: December 15th

Application submission window: All applications should be submitted during one of the two submission windows listed at the top of this page. Any applications received outside of these windows will be reviewed and processed during the following submission window.

How to submit an application: Application forms should be sent via mail to the address listed below.


April 1st - April 15th
*Decision by: June 15th*

 Interested in applying for a grant or scholarship through GCEF? ​​

Please see below for details about the application process and how to apply.

1) Complete the Application Form ​​

Application Process