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To make a donation please complete a GCEF donation form which can be found by clicking the button below, or on our sites 'Contribute' drop down menu and selecting 'DONATION FORM'. ​​

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​​$1- $99  

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People in the Gates Chili community and schools make a difference in the lives of our children. Making a donation to GCEF is an amazing way to give to the community and enhance the student education and resources. 

In addition to general donations, GCEF encourages families and friends to make a donation in honor of a group and/or individual. This is a great way to recognize and pay tribute to the effort an individual has put forth. Donations to the Gates Chili Education Foundation can also be made in memory or honor of an individual as well.

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​​$100- $249 


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​​$500 +

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​​$250- $500