A grant provided funding to an elementary school’s school psychologist to begin building a social-emotional library collection for our students, families and staff across the district.  We are pleased to have funded this resource and provide much needed support for our greater Gates Chili community.

Grants for Dual Credit College Courses
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 A grant was awarded to support the new district initiative around arts integration in our schools.  This grant will help students acquire wider educational knowledge about the arts. 

Social Emotional Library Collection

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GCEF Grants, Scholarships & Awards

 A number of individual high school students in economic need received funding to cover the cost of Roberts Wesleyan dual credit courses.   

 A grant was awarded to Neil Armstrong’s Occupational Therapists to fund “motor boxes” for 150 incoming UPK and Kindergarten students.  This grant enables some of our students with help to develop the motor tools they need to enter UPK and Kindergarten. 

The GCEF is proud to have awarded funding for the following educational activities!

Supporting New Arts Integration Initiative
Motor Boxes For Incoming upk and Kindergarten Students

Spring 2016

Fall 2016